Kylix Developers Guide Source Code

Getting Updates

Updated copies of the source code to this book are available at the following URLs:

You can download the zip file containing the source from the address listed above. You can also access the files directly using cvs:

  1. cvs login
  2. cvs -z3 co kylixDevelopersGuide
  3. cvs -z3 co lunits

You can browse the source tree at these addresses:

The first entry is for the main source files, the second is the utility files, such as LCodeBox.pas. Several of the projects in this book depend on having LCodeBox on your path.

Running the Code

To the Tools | EnvironmentOptions | Library | Library Path be sure to add the path to the lunit directory. For instance, if you have installed the source to this book in /home/charlie/src/srcpas, then you would the following to the Library Path dialog:


If you are compiling from the command line, and your user name is charlie, then write:

dcc -u/home/charlie/src/srcpas/lunits MyProj.dpr

Using Components

There are a number of components used by various programs in this book, particular in the later two thirds of the book. To use the components, you will need to install both GdiTiles.dpk and Elves.dpk. You will need to install GdiTiles first.

To install the components, first start Delphi. Then choose File | Open and browse to your lunits directory. Open and compile and then install GdiTiles.dpk. Do the same Elves.dpk. If you need additional information on installing components, the topic is discussed in detail in the text of this book.

Indy Notes

When working with Indy, you should add EIDSilentExceptions to Tools | Debugger Options menu choice to suppress the "Closed Gracefully" exceptions